You went to law school to practice law, not to practice marketing

Get the right referrals as you want them, so you can control your income


Get access to referrals that fit your specific criteria and needs (price point, expertise, language). Want more defensive cases? We'll filter by case type and connect you with intakes who have been prescreened and are ready to hire you. Our connection to local nonprofit providers enables a stream of regular referrals when you want them. You can easily hit the pause button when your capacity fills up.

take control over your income and schedule

Create the revenue flow that you need and the schedule that works for you given the rest of your life and your practice. Referrals are pre-vetted and fall within your predetermined fee guidelines. We work exclusively with immigration attorneys and we understand the unique challenges you face particularly around turning intakes into retainers.

Get your staff to work on something other than intake and referral

The average law office spends 3 hours a day answering superfluous calls, conducting screening, and referring prospective clients elsewhere-- a time-intensive process with zero revenue generation. Reduce the time spent by easily helping poor-fit intakes find other competent representation while streamlining your own referral and marketing process.

Talk to a Title8 Expert

Title8 was founded by Immigration Lawyers & LSO founders to improve efficiencies and outcomes during intake.

We understand the challenges you face in receiving a steady number of right fit referrals and have created a way of ensuring that immigration attorneys are connected with immigrants who are ready to become paying clients.

Title8 is a for-pay monthly subscription, we don't charge per referral.